Over 30 years of experience representing the injured party in personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our practice is geared for litigation with a paperless and digital workflow utilizing state of the art computers and technologies. Call us first at 763-682-1082.

Experience & Credentials

  • Over 30 years of Trial Experience exclusively in Personal Injury
  • Civil Trial Specialist
    Only 3% of Minnesota Attorneys have this certification by the Minnesota Bar Association. I have been re-certified 4 times. Recent trial experience and ethics checks are required for re-certification.
  • Awarded “Super Lawyer” By Peers
    Only 5% of Minnesota Attorneys have received this award.
  • Rising Star
    Selected by MN Journal of Law and Politics Magazine
  • Received 3 American Jurisprudence Awards as the top student in my law school class for torts (negligence law), property, and criminal law.
  • Admitted into State Court in 1990 and Federal Court


Since inception, we have invested heavily in technology that allows us to work efficiently and effectively. We are small, but nimble-allowing us to compete head to head with much larger firms who still rely on paper and bankers boxes full of files, if not entire work rooms!

We have a portable office that fits in one rolling suitcase for trial, mediations, arbitrations and appearances which includes MacBook, scanner, printer, high definition projector, speakers and iPad. We bring our own 7 foot screen to trial to ensure clear presentation. We bring our own equipment so we can operate seamlessly, leaving nothing to chance. We can access your entire file from our laptops. Our  expertise in utilizing technology really sets us apart. We have moved beyond boring PowerPoint bullet points to compelling multimedia presentations.

The defense is often paid by a Fortune 500 insurance company; yet we generally have the better trial tools and thus, the presentation edge. We prepare and present your story and the facts of your case utilizing the best visual aids available to us. People may not remember what they hear, but they will remember what they see.

With over 30 years of personal injury trial experience I am ready to handle your case and work for your fair settlement, or try our case if necessary.