Auto Accidents

Automobile Injuries

An automobile collision injury claim may involve multiple insurers (auto, medical, and disability) and multiple claims. We can help you understand the process and navigate the legal and coverage issues. We will assist you in obtaining payment of your property damage, medical bills, and wage loss.  We will speak and meet with your physicians to determine your employment restrictions, and probable future treatment needs. Adequate representation requires answers to these questions before anyone can determine the value of your case.

We consider these and many other issues on a daily basis, and seek to maximize our client’s monetary recovery by coordinating the various insurance claims. Our practice is limited to representing the injured party, or plaintiffs. We have never represented insurance companies.

Our experienced trial attorney, Tom Kiernan, will visit with you in the hospital, home, or our office to explain the law and answer your questions. You may call with any questions, or we can work with your family while you are in the hospital. Timing is critical as I can intervene before the insurance adjusters start asking you questions or seeking to take your recorded statement.