State of the Art Equipment

State of the art equipment utilizing digital workflow

Since inception, we have invested heavily in equipment and tools that allow us to work efficiently and effectively. We are small, but nimble-allowing us to compete head to head with much larger firms who still rely on paper and bankers boxes full of files, if not entire work rooms! We have a portable office that fits in one rolling suitcase for trial, mediations, arbitrations and appearances: Macbook, scanner, printer, high definition projector, speakers and iPad. Everything but the 7 foot screen- we can easily bring with us. We are prepared and bring our own equipment leaving nothing to chance. We can access your entire file from our laptops. The defense likes to refer to our “fancy equipment” but this equipment costs just a few thousand dollars. It is the expertise in utilizing it that sets us apart. We have moved beyond boring PowerPoint bullet points to rich multimedia presentations. The defense is often being paid by a large multinational insurance company as insurer of the at fault driver, while we represent an individual or family who through no fault of their own has had their life and health negatively affected by the negligence of another’s carelessness. We prepare and present your story and the facts of your case utilizing the best visual aids available to us. People may not remember what they hear, but they will remember what they see.